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Love, pass here-company employees donate love and donations
Classification:Company News Time: 2021-09-28 17:29
【Abstract】When one party is in trouble, all parties support; give love and reap hope.

When one party is in trouble, all parties support; give love and reap hope. Zhu Junhui, an old employee who has worked for the company for decades, was found to have unfortunately suffered from liver cancer in July this year. He is now living in Hangzhou Hospital for medical treatment. His wife and daughter are unwell and need long-term medication. Now the backbone of the family has fallen. The high medical expenses have left the family at a loss. As soon as I learned the news, the company’s party branch, labor union, and administrative personnel department jointly issued a "Love Donation Proposal" to all employees. Starting from July 15th, a two-day fundraising activity for sick employees was organized. The event received strong support and active participation from company leaders and employees. The company leaders set an example and took the lead in donating money. More than 400 employees participated in the charity fundraising activities, raising a total of 55,644.66 yuan, of which the company's labor union was 30,000 yuan. , Employees raised 25,644.66 yuan.

A little bit of love will converge into a river; donations are limited, and love is priceless. This charity fundraising activity reflects the company's warmth and care for employees, and also reflects the spirit of unity and mutual assistance and brotherhood between the Hongchang people's team.

Finally, I hope that Zhu Junhui will strengthen his conviction, overcome the illness as soon as possible, and return to work as soon as possible.



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