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Hongchang Four Seas Love Duanyang
Classification:Company News Time: 2021-09-28 17:01
【Abstract】The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in my country.


The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in my country. More than 100 employees from the second workshop of the Hongchang Electric Manufacturing Department held a team activity to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with the theme of "Hongchang Sihaiqing Duanyang" in the Jinhua Agricultural Cultural Park. Feel the rich festival atmosphere and folk customs and culture here.

At the beginning of the activity, all the staff had a table of 10 people, all of them participated and each went into battle, earnestly wrapped the rice dumplings, the novices humbly asked the predecessors, and the veterans taught the skills hand-in-hand. Everyone communicated and learned from each other, just like being at home. . The subsequent cooking competition and talent performances brought the atmosphere of the event to a new climax. The real and moving smiling faces and exciting songs are permeated with Hongchang people's pursuit and yearning for a happy life. At the end of the activity, there were also fun-filled competitions such as blowing balloons and drinking beer. The curtain came to an end with laughter and applause.

With the joint efforts of all the staff, this team building activity was a complete success, leaving many beautiful memories and wonderful moments for the Hongchang people gathered at this moment. What brought us not only the joyful laughter, but also the lessons learned from it: Everyone learned to empathize, and understand that “understanding and support” is the key to communication between the two parties; everyone learned and used the system and process more vigorously. Recognizing the importance of "execution, inspection, and improvement" in work; everyone realizes more clearly that: a company is like a father, a platform that supports our growth in life, embraces us with a broad mind, and supports us silently. All employees should devote themselves to the production work with a full spirit and do things with a grateful attitude. Work hard, strive for perfection, communicate with each other, and help each other to create a cohesive, adaptable, hard-working and innovative Hongchang corporate culture team, and discover its own value and talents from it, and make due contributions to the development of Hongchang's cause.

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