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Made in Zhejiang Hongchang Electric
Classification:Company News Time: 2021-09-28 17:03
【Abstract】Recently, Hongchang Electrical Appliances officially obtained Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification.

Recently, Hongchang Electrical Appliances officially obtained Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification.

"Made in Zhejiang" takes "regional brand, advanced standards, market certification, international recognition" as the core, and "standards + certification" as the means, integrating quality, technology, service, and credibility. It is recognized by the market and society and represents Zhejiang The regional brand image logo of advanced manufacturing industry is the "benchmark" and "leader" of Zhejiang manufacturing industry, and the "synonym" of high quality and high level.

Jinhua Hongchang Electric Co., Ltd. has passed the "Made in Zhejiang" product certification, and will continue to improve and optimize, and promote a more solid and healthy growth of the enterprise. The company will further promote the innovation mechanism in strategic planning, brand planning, market feedback, and management informatization to accelerate the company's development. "Made in Zhejiang" is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. Hongchang Electric is not only satisfied with "Qualified Manufacturing", but is also working hard on "Quality Manufacturing". Over the years, Hongchang Electric has made continuous innovation attempts in R&D, design, production technology, operation and management, and strive to become a benchmark in the industry.


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